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Thursday, November 17, 2005

ARticle From Shmais Tmimim HaShluchim begin Seder Halimudim in Warsaw, Poland!

After over half a century of German fire and Russian ice, Jewish life is resurfacing in Warsaw, Poland, in part, thanks to Chabad. This year, for first time since the flight of the bochurim in Otwock (a suburb of Warsaw) and the miraculous escape of the Frierdiker Rebbe, Chassidus is once again shining out through the city of Warsaw.
Earlier this month on Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan learning started in the beautiful new Yeshiva/ Chabad House established by the Stambler family and headed by Rabbi I. Frummer, Hatamim Chaim Zaklos and Hatamim Yisroel Levin.
Every day eight Temimim / Shluchim; Mordechai Lightstone, Zalmen Zarchi, Yankel Adler, Chaim van Halem, Shmueli Hecht, Zalmi Hilel, Noftuli Shmukler, and Yudi Winterfeld, spend time bringing life to Poland in addition to their regular Sedarim of Nigleh and Chassidus. Every night locals as well as visiting businessmen come in for various shiurim given by the bochurim, and plans are in motion to send out pairs of the shluchim to other communities through out Poland to help run local projects and spread awareness about Chabad’s many activities in Warsaw.


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